About Us

We at gosomewherenew are a mixture of IT people and travellers. We built this site originally for our own entertainment to resolve that constant problem of finding somewhere new to go in the world.

By combining attractions with the weather for each month we have created a search engine that literally searches the world. We have not restricted ourselves just to the main tourist destinations but have covered every single country, region and US state. It’s a great place to start to find destinations that you wouldn't automatically think of.

This is an on-going project and we will be adding recommended itineararies, photos and booking tips from fellow travellers. We will be concentrating on showcasing great photographs and listing the best and more unusual places to go.

We are also building a directory of companies that arrange trips, hotels and services in each country from travellers recommendations and our own research. These will be selected on the basis that they offer something useful to you when you are arranging your holiday. Our aim is to save you time, not to overwhelm you with inappropriate advertising and irrelevant results from internet search engines.

Gosomewherenew.com is wholly owned by Go Somewhere New ltd. Company no. 6578108

What We Like

  • Travelling - well we would say that wouldn't we!
  • Chilling out with our friends and family preferably over a bottle of wine
  • Exploring somewhere new whether it's somewhere new to ride our bikes or outer Mongolia.
  • Exchanging travel stories with complete strangers on buses.
  • Sharing a joke with someone we don't share a common language with.
  • Watching old re-runs of Michael Palin travel programs
  • Watching Baseball in the States

What we try and do

  • Buy from the locals as much as possible when we travel
  • Buy free range and Fairtrade products when we can.
  • Support Oxfam and the work they do to help relieve poverty across the World
  • Cut down on as many car journeys and flights as we can.
  • Treat everyone fairly and without prejudice
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