World Reference

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office Travel Advice notices including Health, Safety and Visa information and links to foreign embassies in the UK.
The CIA World Factbook Facts and Figures about everywhere in the World.
World Heritage Sites 878 places across the World listed by UNESCO as having outstanding universal value.
World Health Organisation Interactive map with details of Malaria and where Yellow Fever certificates required.
World Weather Information Service Contains official weather information provided by National Meteorolgical and Hydrological Services for their respective countries or regions
The Weather Channel  Weather forecasts from the Weather Channel for most places in the World plus a great World map showing the ground temperature.
Coinmill Curency Converter See individual country pages for each currency or go here to get the rate to convert the largest number of currencies we could find. Government portal with information and links on how to get your European Health Card, renew or get a passport, customs restrictions, passenger rights etc.
BT See our World page for dialling codes, or go here for easy instruction on how to phone between countries.
EU Air Transport List of airlines banned from flying to the EU based on their safety. Definately worth checking before you book that cheap local flight.
BAA Live arrival and departure information for all flights in and out of London Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Portsmouth.
FlightView This site allows you to check the status of flights for the major airlines. You need the flight number.
Seat61 Extensive information and advice on travelling by train in over 80 countries across the World.
Visa World ATM Locator - for Visa.
Mastercard World ATM Locator - for Mastercard, Cirrus and Maestro.
Wikipedia-Smoking Ban List of countries with Smoking bans.
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