Data Sources & Copyright

·         Facts
Country name, Currency and  Capital – are sourced from the CIA World Fact book and are in the Public Domain. Currency rates are provide by a link to please see their web site for details of when the rate was last updated.
·         Main Country Photograph.
These are either the property of members of Gosomewherenew staff and are copyright with full rights reserved or sourced from Flickr. Flickr photographs used are those that have been made available under the Creative Commons Attribute License and as such are attributed to the owner of the photograph with a link back to the photograph on Flickr. We owe a huge debt to these individuals who have made their great photographs available for use. Any use of these photographs must follow the terms of the license.
·         Weather
Weather data is sourced from  the site of the World Meteorological Organization. Each country’s statistics where available are provided by the individual National Meteorological & Hydrological Service and are for the Capital of the country. Mean temperature and Rainfall data is shown.
The colours to indicate whether it’s a good time to visit are purely the judgement of the Gosomewherenew team and don’t take into account busy times of year, festivals, holidays etc.
For further information on weather in the country and details of when the mean values were gathered please see the individual weather web sites.
Click here for a list of all the individual National Meteorological & Hydrological Services that supplied data for this site.
·         Individual Country Maps
These are provided by Google.
·         Main Site
All other text, derived data, World Map, software etc. are fully owned by Gosomewherenew and subject to copyright with all rights reserved, and therefore you may not use it commercially or modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display , reproduce, publish, licence, or create derivative works from it.


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