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Christmas Present Ideas 2009
Once again we tell you what's on our Christmas list from all the wonderful products we have come across this year. Hopefully we can help you with present suggestions for everyone who likes to travel in your life.

Best Travel Books - Christmas 2009
These are our choices for the best travel books from the year. See which books made it onto our Christmas lists.

Christmas Markets - from Budapest to Berlin
It's that time of year when the evenings are dark and Christmas is around the corner. If you want to get away for a few days in December, the Christmas markets of Europe are brimming with atmosphere, mulled wine, and strange biscuits.

Gift Ideas
Here are some travel gift ideas from the Go Somewhere New team. Some fun, some unusual, some luxurious.

Top Ten Travel Books
At Go Somewhere New we have reviewed the travel books that were around this Xmas. They include the entertaining, the informative and the inspirational with something to suit everyone. See which books made it on to our xmas top ten list and why.
Spotlight On France
My aunt lives in France and has 2 Gites. Usually they are fully booked but this summer they will be empty. We find 6 great reasons why we should head back to France, and find out much it will actually cost.

Whale Watching
Find out where and when in our quick guide.
Air Passenger Duty: The Facts
Every week it seems there are stories related to the tax which we think from a passenger point of view are overdramatised ...

Classic London Outdoor Events - with tickets available...
In previous summers getting your hands on tickets to outdoor events in London has been difficult. This year with the Credit Crunch still biting there are lots of tickets left. See which of the classic London summer activities haven't sold out ..

GSWN Favourites - Hotel Booking Sites
With cheap flights around, more and more of us are booking our hotels separate from our flights. Here are our favourite sites for booking hotels from Cornwall B&Bs to luxurious escapes.

Hurricanes, Cyclones, Typhoons
A cyclone is about to hit India. From the Caribbean to Hong Kong, Tropical Cyclones cause havoc. See where and when they are likely to occur.

Spotlight On Iceland
Now is the time to visit Iceland. It has always been seen as an expensive destination but with the collapse of the Kronur, Iceland is now looking more affordable.

How To Protect the Cost Of Your Holiday
With an uncertain economy, protecting your hard earned holiday is important. Insolvencies, redundancy and surcharges will all be a feature of this year. We show you how to avoid the worst pitfalls with a few simple rules.

Cut Price London
We had a 2 course lunch, saw 2 exhibitions and spent the evening at the theatre all for under £30 each. We show you how we did it.

Ski Somewhere New
If you fancy a change from the usual ski resorts, try Slovenia, Japan or Finland. Also tips on skiing cheaper.
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