Christmas Present Ideas 2009

Once again we tell you what's on our Christmas list from all the wonderful products we have come across this year. Hopefully we can help you with present suggestions for everyone who likes to travel in your life.

ASUS 1005HA Netbook

A netbook running windows 7 with great battery life, the perfect travelling companion.

Metro I.D Luggage Tag

Make your luggage stand out from the crowd with these photo printed tag and strap.

Joby Gorillatorch

One of our favourite gadgets of all time has to be the Gorillapod. Using the same grippy bendy legs Joby have now launched a torch version which we think is such a good idea we wonder why it took them so long. Perfect for camping.

Lumix G1

The must have camera this year. Smaller than a DSLR but much more versatile and better quality than a compact digital camera.

World Treasure Hunt Map

Get the kids interested in the World with the treasure map. Suitable for 4yrs up.

Travel Luggage Scales

Handy and light enough to take with you these scales can stop you getting caught out with excess luggage charges. Perfect for a stocking present.

Ecco GPS

This tiny GPS that fits on a keychain works anywhere without the use of maps to help you find your way back to anyone of three places that you have locked into it. That means when you are somewhere new, you can wander off and explore without worrying about finding your way back to your hotel, meeting point, or even where you parked your car. Thats genius. 

LED Dynamo Torch

Another torch. But this one will never run out of batteries. Just squeeze the torch a few times and you have light whenever you need it. Handy for those countries where electricity isn't reliable.

Travel Journal

This one is for the kids. Encourage them to keep a journal on holiday and collect all those reminders of where they have been from postcards to sugar packets. This Journal has space for them all.


Create a photo book of one of your families favourite trips.

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For more inspiration check out our list from last year.


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